At our kennel, we understand that not all of our customers are able to come and pick up their new Sheltie puppy in person. That is why we offer shipping options for our Sheltie puppies to ensure that every customer has the opportunity to bring a new furry companion into their home.

First and foremost, the safety and well-being of our puppies is our top priority. We only ship our puppies with the most reputable and reliable pet shipping companies that have a proven track record of safely transporting animals. All of our puppies will have a health certificate and will be up to date on all vaccinations and deworming before they leave our kennel.

We offer two main shipping options for our Sheltie puppies: ground transportation and air transportation.

Ground transportation: This option is typically less expensive than air transportation, and it allows the puppy to travel by car to its final destination. This option is only available for customers within a certain distance from our kennel and is not available for international customers.

Air transportation: This option allows the puppy to travel by plane to its final destination. This option is available for both domestic and international customers.

Regardless of the shipping option chosen, we will work closely with the customer to ensure that the puppy’s travel itinerary is carefully planned and that all necessary arrangements are made. This includes coordinating with the pet shipping company to ensure that the puppy has the appropriate travel crate and that all necessary documents are in order.

We also recommend that the customer arrange for someone to be present at the destination to receive the puppy and that the puppy be taken to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of arrival to ensure its continued health.

We understand that shipping a puppy can be a stressful and emotional experience for both the customer and the puppy,

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